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Built by my brother. Driven by me.
Car Details:

VW Golf Mk2 GTi

Forum name:

Ms Hoon


Cape Town, South Africa

Engine type:

2Ltr 16V ABF


Cable Shift

Engine Control:

Gotech Pro

Engine modification:

TurboCharged (T3/T4)

Cast Turbo Manifold

Custom Intake Plenum

Headlight to Headlight Intercooler (size matters)

63mm Stainless Steel Exhaust

Body modification:

Single wiper conversion, crystal clear lights all round,

debadged grill and smash & grab tint.

Suspension details:

60/40mm N-Force lowering kit.

Power and torque:

Dyno’d at 0.7Bar 194kW 310Nm.

A boost controller has been fitted since then, though.. *wink*

Times on the track:

PB: Killarney Raceway 13.7 sec over the ¼ mile strip.

Shout out/thanks:

Special thanks to my brother/tuner, Anthony Hoon, the guys at KSD as well as my other half for always being willing to assist when needed. Mwah!