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1 ExtraHot
Car:Ford Escort Engine Size:2000 8v
400m Time:9.925 Power:
800m Speed: Induction:Turbo + NOS
2 Worx
Car:Toyota Corrolla Engine Size:1600 16v
400m Time:10.1 Power:
800m Speed: Induction:Turbo
3 J4F
Car:Chev Firenza Engine Size:6300
400m Time:10.7 Power:
800m Speed: Induction:NOS
4 Pantera
Car:Opel Corsa Engine Size:2000 16v
400m Time:10.706 Power:311kw 580nm
800m Speed: Induction:Turbo
5 Alvin Chetty
Car:Ford Mustang Engine Size:9000
400m Time:10.8 Power:
800m Speed: Induction:N/A
6 Boksie
Car:1200 Datsun Engine Size:1600 16v
400m Time:12.3 Power:196kw 276nm
800m Speed: Induction:Turbo
7 Gambit
Car:VW Golf Engine Size:2000 16v
400m Time:12.35 Power:
800m Speed: Induction:Turbo
8 Naati
Car:BMW M3 E36 Engine Size:3000
400m Time:13.12 Power:203kw 350nm
800m Speed: Induction:N/A
9 Gr8whiteUno
Car:Fiat Uno Turbo Engine Size:1372 8v
400m Time:13.334 Power:223kw 414nm
800m Speed:207Km/h Induction:Turbo
10 Dubsketeer
Car:VW Fox Engine Size:1800 8v
400m Time:14.8 Power:110kw 193nm
800m Speed: Induction:N/A